Meet the team

By making a TriDri part of your SCUBA Equipment, you will never have to put on a damp drysuit again!


I’m a diver and when I’m diving and standing around, especially if the sun shines, I perspire; everyone does.

I’ve rigged up many combinations of plumbing pipes and fans to dry the inside of my drysuit. Eventually I decided to design a more portable lightweight solution – hence TriDri.

Audrey [my wife] and I did a survey at Dive 2011 and found that many other divers had the same problem and they really liked the prototype we had with us.

So we decided that if we could get the investment we would manufacture TriDri.


I had met Howard at a business networking group (Action Business Club) that we both regularly attended and had followed the story of the development of TriDri. I was intrigued and interested in becoming involved in manufacturing. I had just sold a business and decided that I could provide the investment to get TriDri manufactured.

I believe that TriDri helps solve the problem many divers have of damp/wet feet and smelly suits. So far we have had great feedback from divers who have started using TriDri to dry the insides of their suits.