TriDri Telescopic Dryer

* Free carriage UK mainland

By making a TriDri part of your SCUBA Equipment, you will never have to put on a damp drysuit again!

  • Dries a complete drysuit in 8 hours (including boots)
  • No heat involved. Dry air displaces the damp more dense air
  • Powered via a USB or solar charger
  • Uses less power than a 2w light bulb
  • Tried & tested, read our Antarctic expedition case study



TriDri Design Features


TriDri can be partially extended or not extended at all and still operates efficiently. Therefore it is not
only a useful addition to your SCUBA equipment, it can be used to dry numerous other items:

  • SCUBA Equipment Basic sausage style DSMB
  • Footwear Wellington boots
  • Ski Equipment Ski boots
  • Fishing Equipment Waders
  • Sailing Equipment (Drysuits or hard to reach spots in the hull)
  • Canoeing Equipment (Drysuits or Canoe/Kayak interior)

TriDri Warranty

TriDri is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from purchase.
Your statutory rights are not affected.
Always follow the instructions:

  • Do not place the cable where it can be a trip hazard
  • Do not allow water to get on the mains plug/power supply
  • Do not use the device in a hazardous location
  • Do not position the device so that it can fall in a hazardous way
  • Do not position near a heat source
  • Do not position where water can come into contact with any electrical device or fitting
  • Do not immerse the device in any liquid
  • Do not allow children to play with the device
  • Use the device only for its intended purpose

TriDri Specifications

In the box:

  • TriDri® – Complete with attached cable and USB plug
  • 1 USB Plug top power supply
  • 1 Length of double sided “Hook & Loop” strap, length 0.65m

TriDri® Specifications:

  • Length Extended: 227.5cm
  • Length shortened: 73cm
  • Length Cable: 400cm
  • Boxed dimensions: 76cm x 11.5cm x 12.5cm
  • Weight TriDri: 975g
  • Weight boxed: 1350g

Fan Specifications:

  • Rated Voltage: 5 VDC
  • Operating Voltage: 4.5-5.5 VDC
  • Starting Voltage: 4 VDC
  • Input Current: 250 mA
  • Input Power: 1.25 W
  • Noise Level: 30.3 dBA
  • Life Expectance: 25,000 Hours(Continuous operating 25°C and 65%RH)
  • Cable Permanently connected to the fan
  • Two core cable (4m) terminated with standard USB plug
    (Standard USB sockets are rated to supply a current of 500mA and many power supplies can deliver
    much more.)

USB Plug-Top Supply

  • Input Voltage Rating: 100 – 240 VAC
  • Input Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Plug Type: Fixed Standard UK 3pin plug
  • Output Voltage: +5 VDC
  • Nominal Load Current: 1 Amp
  • Nominal Load Power: 5 Watts
  • Output Connection Style: USB
  • Operating Temperature: -10 °C to +45 °C
  • Safety:  CE compliant
  • Velcro-type Strap (Hook & Loop Strap)
  • Double sided ‘Hook & Loop’ strap: 0.65 m

How to use

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TriDri Maintenance

TriDri is virtually maintenance free if used as per instructions.
The TriDri locks are designed so that if the tubes get contaminated with dirt, grit or sand, you can
easily take the tubes apart by squeezing the “lock levers/locking buttons” while extending the tubes.
To re-insert, put the smaller tube into the end of the next one and when correctly aligned (and
inserted about one mm), gently squeeze the “lock levers/locking buttons”. The tubes will slide easily
into each other.

  • Wipe with a damp cloth
  • Do not use solvents
  • Keep the fan, cable, USB plug and plug-top power supply dry
  • As with any electrical/electronic cables, sharp and or repeated bending must be avoided so as
    not to damage the conducting wires inside